Manufacturer of Overmolded Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Wire Harnesses and Charging Cradles

ATL Technology is a full-service provider of engineered connectivity solutions for docking stations, custom connectors, electrical power cords, molded cable assemblies, and wire harnesses.

ATL Technology offers 15 plus years of experience in designing and manufacturing OEM connectivity solutions. ATL's wholly owned factory in Asia provides low cost custom connectivity solutions for custom connector systems, custom interconnect assemblies, and turnkey manufacturing solutions.  ATL Technology has been supplying OEM and Medical customers worldwide with high quality, cost effective power and cabling solutions.  Combining engineering support, guaranteed quality, standards certification, on-time delivery and competitive prices will make ATL Technology your product of choice.

ATL Technology excels in products such as high speed cable solutions such as SAS and Mini-SAS cable assemblies, docking station enclosure design and custom connector systems, medical cable assemblies, wire harnesses and molded cable assemblies, micro USB, mini USB, and other cell phone cable solutions, turnkey products, power cords an AC/DC switching adapters, molded and metal enclosures.


USB Power Cords Molded Enclosures
Ethernet Firewire Docking Stations
Mini-SAS RS232/485 Custom Connectors
SAS Audio / Video (HDMI, Analog, DVI)    
Sata Point-of-Sale Devices    

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Phone: (951) 684-8034 Fax: (951) 684-6125

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