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General Micro Systems

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

General Micro Systems (GMS) is the leading technology independent supplier of computing engines, providing the most efficient engine that can be produced with the current technology. Whether you’re looking for Small Form Factor (SFF) systems, Ruggedized Smart Displays, Rackmount Servers, or OpenVPX or VME Single Board Computers (SBCs), GMS has a solution to satisfy your program’s requirements.

Not only has GMS demonstrated superiority in hardware design, but also in software support. GMS software engineers are experts in a wide variety of languages and operating systems, as well as experts in software development for embedded microprocessors and microcontrollers and system BIOS development. Today, GMS’ products support all of the major operating systems, such as Windows®, Linux® and VMware®. In addition, the system BIOS for all GMS’ products are generated and maintained in-house, as are all Linux®, Windows®,and VMware® board support packages (BSP), thus providing consistency and uniformity across all platforms. This level of control over BIOS, boot loaders and operating system drivers allows GMS to provide our customers with the option of customizing the software and firmware elements of our products to meet their specific needs, with minimal cost and minimum time to market.

With this level of knowledge and expertise, GMS is able to own its own technology from the hardware to the software, which is what truly distinguishes GMS from the competition.


  • Space
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Exploration


  • Single Board Computers
  • Rack Mount Servers
  • Ruggedized displays

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